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We know you’ve heard the standard agency bullsh*t already, but hear us out, okay? We are different. There’s a reason 40% of our team has been with us since the early days. We’re talking over a decade. Come find out why.

How we do things:


Four-day week

To provide better work-life balance, we only work Monday through Thursday. This creates a more focused team, with a longer weekend to spend more time doing the things that matter to us. We encourage our people to develop their creative pursuits or simply spend time away from the screen to bring a new sense of energy and purpose to their week.


Profit share scheme

We started Punch with the vision that people should play an active role – and share in our success. But what does that really mean? We want people to develop their chosen career path with us and be properly rewarded for it. That's why we have a company wide, all-inclusive, non-capped share of our year end profits for the whole team.


Flexible working

We understand that our team are people, not robots. Sometimes in life, things get disruptive, and it's difficult to be confined to a nine-to-five routine. Whether you have an appointment, or on school pick-up duty, you can flex your hours to work for you. We also allow one hybrid-working from home day a week, in a place that suits you best.


Mental health matters

We want our people to be happy. We offer access to mental wellbeing resources, classes, and counselling, alongside our PerkBox discounts for retail stores and food shopping. Punch also have two fully-trained mental health first aiders, so there's always someone about to have a chat.

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Our values

Create the spark

We don’t wait for the spark, we create it. Our imagination has no boundaries. We step out of the box to deliver creative ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

Find the positive

Attitude is everything, so we practise optimism. Instead of seeing problems, we see opportunities for discovery.

Add your colour

We are square pegs - because originality matters. We let our unique skills, experiences, and ideas colour everything we do.

Make it brilliant

Good is OK. Brilliant is better. We challenge ourselves and empower others to constantly improve, exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Always be mindful

We can’t control everything, but we can control how we react. We treat everyone equally, with empathy and respect.

How we act

  • Encourage collaboration
    We provide the space and opportunity for collaborative working because we’re better together.
  • Reward and recognition 
    We recognise each other’s brilliance and reward great work with things that make us smile.

  • Invest in development 
    We invest in everyone’s personal development helping to make a better you than yesterday.

  • Appreciate life outside work
    We respect the work-life balance and protect each other from burnout.

How we behave

Walk a mile in 
their shoes

Approach every situation with empathy. We pride ourselves on being mindful and considering others before making any decisions.

We trust each other

Approach every situation with empathy. 
We pride ourselves on being mindful and considering others before making any decisions.

We welcome the challenge

We are curious, not taking anything at face value, and asking the big questions that others won’t.

Make today better than yesterday

We’re always seeking to improve and looking for ways to be bigger, better, and braver.

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