Meet Louise_

Meet Louise

Hey Louise, what’s your job role?
L: Commercial Director

So Louise, what did you want to be when you grew up?
L: I wanted to be a vet, I’ve always loved animals, but I’ve settled for just having one cute dog at home instead!

We love dogs at Punch! What does your role here entail?
L: Just like Richard and Ian, my role is split – I’m not only Commercial Director, but I also part-own Punch. My big focus is to strategically run our agency, in a commercially-viable way, always keeping our people, our business plan, and clients (old and new!) in mind.

Seems like your days are jam-packed. What is it you love about your job?
L: I am driven by the success of the agency and although profit is the main driver what I really care about is much more than just the profit. The success of being profitable means we can benefit our team, making Punch one of the best agencies to work for producing the best work for our clients.

Wonderful. What would you say is the thing you’re known for?
L: Sharing the love of all things strategic hospitality marketing, as well as commercial forecasting and planning. Also, and most importantly, being Mum to our office dog Barney!


What are you great at, outside of work?

I make a mean Victoria sponge and ‘death by chocolate’ cake. Become a client and maybe you can try it…

Out of everything you’ve done so far, what has been your favourite Punch project to work on?
L: With my love and extensive background in hospitality, it’s no surprise that my favourite client projects always seem to be hotel campaigns.

I loved working on the opening of Bike & Boot, in Scarborough, as it allowed us to get really creative and try something different, with a hotel that was open to pushing the boundaries. This is unusual in the world of hospitality, so it felt like a real treat.

We’re going to get personal now. Where’s your favourite place?
L: Am I allowed to say my bedroom? It’s cosy, comfortable, and my happy space – nothing beats that! Especially once I get my earplugs in and eye mask on, I’m golden.

Sounds heavenly. If you were an animal, what would you be?
L: Probably a giraffe, they’re my favourite animal… though I like to think I walk a tad more graceful than them!

You’re a lot more graceful, don’t worry! What’s your lifestyle like?
L: My days off consist of long dog walks with Barney and trying to get three teenage boys out the house in any way possible. That is harder than my actual job sometimes if you can believe it!

We can definitely believe that. Finally, do you have a saying you live by?
L: “The moment in front is not bothering you, you are bothering yourself with the moment in front of you.”

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