Meet Richard_

Hey Richard, what’s your job role?
R: I’m the Creative Director.

Awesome! What did you want to be when you grew up?
R: I wanted to design record covers for bands. I actually did this as a freelancer before we started Punch. I like to think I’ve got pretty good music taste too, as an aside…

Mmhm. I’m sure. What are you responsible for at Punch?
R: My role is split – I am Creative Director and also a co-owner of Punch – so I focus on the strategic direction of the agency, and the design, brand and creative direction of key client projects.

Sounds busy. What do you love about your job?
R: I love being able to see a design, idea or campaign in my head before I scamp it out and start working things up. I’m still a champion of sketching things out on pen and paper before moving to the computer. I’ve been told I’m good at seeing solutions to complex problems that have a lot of moving parts. I can step back and see the bigger picture without losing focus of the smaller elements.

What’s the thing you’re known for?
R: I’m a risk taker (hence starting Punch sixteen years ago), which is often a good fit with our line of work. I think this allows me to think freely because risks or the fear of failure can often cloud the creative process. I believe everybody should aim to get outside of their comfort zone in order to create great work. You don’t make great work by sitting still. Also I am quite decent at drawing, and can impress my kids with ridiculous versions of Harry Potter or superheroes, so there’s always that!

What’s been your favourite Punch project to work on?

Definitely Punch itself. It started as a small project and I didn’t know how it would develop. Since then, I think the project has become a little bigger and better every day, obviously with the help of many other good people who I could not have done it without.

Time to get nosy. Where’s your favourite place?
R: Durham – where I grew up

Nice. If you were going to be an animal, what would you be?
R: I’d want to be able to fly, so naturally an eagle. I would also want hands though, so maybe a flying squirrel as a compromise.

Not what I expected you to say! What’s your lifestyle like?
R: Family life is quite rural, just outside Hebden Bridge in Calderdale. It’s a nice contrast to Mac screens and marketing strategies. My wife and I have two dogs and three children, quite often we just enjoy kicking around by a river or going for a few beers locally. I like to keep things pretty simple when we can, we don’t need much to have a good time.

Very cute. Do you have a saying you love to live by?
R: Absolutely not! Don’t live your life through the words of other people. Does that sound lame?

Yes. Yes it does.

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