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A part of the UK’s leading independent leasing business, Zen Auto is designed to meet the increasing demand from drivers for personal leasing options. 

The dynamic brand operates directly to consumers, not via brokers, to make it easier than ever for drivers to find and lease their next vehicle. 

We were really excited to work with Zen as a vibrant and creative partner who allowed us to have a lot of fun with the design, content and copywriting.

Our services:

  • Content and social media strategy
  • Experiential marketing stunts
  • Creative design: print and digital
  • Tone of voice and brand development
  • Marketing positioning


Zen Auto approached us to help refresh its marketing strategy. Their main aims were to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and solidify their philosophy as ‘car people, not salespeople’

Everyone in the team at Punch got involved – the beauty of an integrated agency! We built a new social media strategy with colourful graphics and dynamic copy that would clearly make Zen Auto stand out as an accessible and exciting offering within their industry. 

This was done alongside paid social media campaigns strategically targeted at Zen Auto’s main audiences to drive conversions. 

This is a client relationship that we’ve all really enjoyed. Zen Auto allowed us to experiment and flex their branding, helping to create a new dimension to their marketing campaigns.

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We’re most proud of the viral, experiential marketing stunt using taxi cabs in London, creating a vibrant advert designed by our in-house team.


Our main aim was to boost engagement, specifically with a younger demographic – and we had some impressive results.

We grew their community  through strategic paid social campaigns and connective organic content.

We supported Zen Auto in becoming not only a key player in the industry, but a recognisable brand to the masses. 

“There’s a certain kind of design unicorn that understands what you mean when you say ‘that looks a little too aggressive’ or ‘we need to communicate that we’re Yorkshire based without saying we’re Yorkshire based’ or ‘we have to use all the copy I gave you to be compliant, we need to be able to read it but we don’t want it to overtake the ad’…and they know what you mean. Punch is full of (those) unicorns. Those unicorns also chase me when I haven’t given feedback on schedule with the deadlines they’re working to, which means I deliver my projects on time. 
They’re also a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis. 
Which is incredibly important when you’re working with them 
as much as I am.”

Vicky Kerridge

Brand Manager, ZenAuto

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