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ZenAuto, part of the Zenith auto leasing group, was designed to meet the increasing demand from drivers for personal leasing options.


The dynamic business operates directly to consumers, not via brokers and is designed to make it easier than ever for drivers to find and lease their next vehicle. We were first approached by ZenAuto to produce a range of creative design work and deliver a refreshed marketing strategy.As a full-service agency, we were thrilled to be working alongside a company who allowed us so much creative freedom. We have since built a strong relationship with the team and more recently, have also been enlisted to deliver an engaging social media strategy.


Being a relatively new brand, ZenAuto’s primary aim was to increase brand awareness and become well known in the car leasing market. It was also vital that the brand’s ‘car people, not salespeople’ philosophy came across online. We planned to create an effective social media strategy which would enable the company to achieve their key objectives. To increase brand awareness, we proposed a colourful (quite literally) range of posts designed to boost engagement and encourage people to interact with the ZenAuto brand online. In order to drive conversions, we suggested strategic paid social campaigns, carefully targeted at ZenAuto’s key audiences. We also proposed the creation of branded graphics and videos, designed to clearly portray the company’s philosophy, ‘car people, not salespeople’.


“There’s a certain kind of design unicorn that understands what you mean when you say ‘that looks a little too aggressive’ or ‘we need to communicate that we’re Yorkshire based without saying we’re Yorkshire based’ or ‘we have to use all the copy I gave you to be compliant, we need to be able to read it but we don’t want it to overtake the ad’…and they know what you mean. Punch is full of (those) unicorns. Those unicorns also chase me when I haven’t given feedback on schedule with the deadlines they’re working to, which means I deliver my projects on time. They’re also a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis. Which is incredibly important when you’re working with them as much as I am.”

Vicky Kerridge, Brand Manager, ZenAuto


Our support to Zen Auto covers:


  • Develop an engaging social strategy
  • Increase website referral traffic with paid social campaigns
  • Boost engagement with a range of relevant, shareable content
  • Grow social following with ‘Page Like’ advertising and competitions
  • Develop new creative concepts for social channels