Meet Liam_

Meet Liam

Hey Liam. What’s your job role?
L: Junior Web Developer

What did you want to be when you grew up?
L: I wanted to be a plumber, or a pilot. Obviously a footballer too. I’m a pretty career-minded person so I’ve always thought about my next steps and what I would be good at.

What are you responsible for as a Junior Web Developer at Punch?
L: Essentially, I work alongside the other developers building and maintaining website. I’m also in the process of learning app development too which is a really interesting role to get involved with.

That sounds like a really intriguing role. What is it you love about your job?
L: I love how creative web development is. I like bringing a design to life, and seeing everything come together.

What do you think is the thing you’re known best for in the office?
L: Foreseeing issues and asking questions before things potentially get out of hand. I’m not afraid to ask about hurdles, or discuss any complications I may notice on a project.

I love how creative web development is. I like bringing a design to life, and seeing everything come together

Awesome. Do you have a favourite project from your time at Punch so far?
Computershare and Hyalite were my favourite projects. It presented some challenges and a different way of working to get the sites to work instantaneously when applying new colours. It posed a different mindset of building a site and I really enjoyed it.

Sounds like you could really sink your teeth into those! Time to be nosy now. Where’s your all-time favourite place?
L: My favourite place is home. It has the things you need, it’s cosy, and you can be yourself.

If you were going to be an animal, what would you be?
I think I’d be a domesticated animal like a dog or cat. You get to do what you want without the worries of being a wild animal having to hunt or be hunted. Food, bed and a home. Although being a chimpanzee would be cool, mostly because they’re one of my favourite animals.

What’s your lifestyle like?
L: I’m a coffee connoisseur! I have various ways of making different types of coffee, espresso-based drinks being my favourite. I also enjoy going to the cinema, reading, playing video games, and recently I’ve started getting into golf.

Do you have a saying you love to live by?:
L: “Just be honest” – I tend to be honest as much as possible, I don’t like lying and think that honesty is always the best policy.

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