Meet Barney_

Hey Barney, what’s your job role?
R: Chief Barketing Officer.

Awesome! What did you want to be when you grew up?
R: Scooby Doo

Mmhm. I’m sure. What are you responsible for at Punch?
R: Walking around, and ensuring i’m sufficiently petted

Sounds busy. What do you love about your job?
R: Biscuits, toys, and my little bed

What’s the thing you’re known for?
R: Greeting new clients, and sleeping.

What’s been your favourite Punch project to work on?


Time to get nosy. Where’s your favourite place?
R: My doggy bed

Nice. If you were going to be an animal, what would you be?
R: Definitely not a cat!

Not what I expected you to say! What’s your lifestyle like?
R: Crazy, i chased a squirrel in the park the other week, slippery fella got away

Very cute. Do you have a saying you love to live by?
R: Bork

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