The integrated agency who wanted a unique brand refresh to reflect their personality

Brand creation

It felt like the right time to refresh the brand after some fundamental changes to our agency. We reflected on who we want to be and what our clients value most about us. Agency land is ever-changing, but the constant for us will always be the value of creative thought. This meant the creative had to reflect a sense of fun and uniqueness.

Services provided

  • Brand strategy
  • Word mark design
  • Audience persona development
  • Aligned marketing and communications
  • Interior ‘people’ brand

Creative thought over conformity

We wanted the brand to feel both positive and optimistic through the visual and verbal identity. It was important that it didn’t feel too linear or orderly, because creative thought doesn’t follow straight lines. This is the central theme to the new look.

A brand to reflect us

Punch has changed a lot since 2007, but essentially we want to enjoy our time in the studio, and time spent with our clients too. That doesn’t sound overly intellectual(!) but it’s important to focus on what’s real to you, rather than the most recent brand trends.

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