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Make sure you stand for something

Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s a story waiting to be told. In our brand workshops, we spend time developing an integrated brand strategy that shapes the perception of your audience so we can influence them. 

The brand strategy sets out a plan for shaping those perceptions through different forms of expression – both verbal, and visual. 

We’ll help you to build confidence in your brand, decide the direction your brand will take, and communicate what you stand for. Together we’ll decide on aspirations for brand growth and define your ideal future state. 


Brand core

We’ll work with you to craft a brand purpose: A higher reason for a brand to exist, other than making a profit. This gives people a reason to get inspired about either buying from you, or working for you. Once we’ve agreed this, we’ll influence long-term business decisions, ensuring your brand is navigated towards the right direction. How? By creating a vision statement.

All of this comes together to determine your guiding principles. Your brand won’t work unless you intentionally create the right culture, and use your core values as the driving force for what impact you want to have in the market.

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Brand space

We’ll work with you to define your target audience so we resonate effectively with the right people. Next, we’ll analyse your competitors to find opportunities and conduct market research. We’ll define the gaps in the market, and guide you in how to stand out and make some noise. Then, we’ll build you a BOSSIT strategy, our agency’s one-of-a-kind marketing framework that guides your business objectives, strategic solutions, ideas and tactics. 


Brand heart

Now comes the real fun part. Brand attitude. We’ll select your brand archetype, giving your company a human side by developing its personality so we can build meaningful relationships with your customers. We’ll define your tone of voice, and distil your key messages into memorable and concise taglines. We’ll define what your audience will remember you for, designing a full big-picture brand story that’s different than any other.

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