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Time to play detective with a competitor audit

Staying ahead of your competition is all part of the game. We believe that thorough website competitor analysis is the foundation for a successful digital strategy. You need to not only understand your own strengths and weaknesses, but also those of your competition. You’re all trying to grab the same target audience’s attention, right? If you don’t know what they’re doing well (or not!), you can’t do something bigger, better, and bolder than before.

The Punch marketing agency team will analyse the activity of your direct, indirect, and aspirational competitors, to create a bigger picture of your industry landscape. Why? So your content strategy is well-informed, targeted, and attacks gaps in the market so you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Refine your market positioning
  • Targeted audience insights
  • Foster a culture of innovation
  • Build a strategic content plan
  • Mitigate risks and challenges
  • Benchmark your performance, and then improve it
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Watch your step with competitor analysis

Digital footprints – we’ve all got ’em. Unfortunately for your competitors, we’ll be going through theirs with a fine-toothed comb. Websites, content, social media, and digital marketing activity: we’ll analyse it all. By understanding the content they produce, keywords they target, and strategies they employ, we gain valuable insights into what’s working, and better yet, what’s not.

There can only be one: Paying attention to SEO strategy

You’re probably sick of us saying it by now, but search engine optimisation is more important than ever. It directly impacts how visible your brand is online. We’ll identify their targeted keywords, analyse their backlinks, and evaluate their on (and off) page SEO efforts. This allows us to refine your strategy so you begin to capture a larger share of organic traffic. But what about the quality of their content too? We’ll dig into what type they’re creating, from blogs to videos, to understand their engagement metrics and develop a content strategy that doesn’t match the competition, but surpasses them.

Competitor analysis: It’s kind of nosy, but it works


User experience & website design

We evaluate usability, navigation, technical SEO, and design elements. This helps us create a website that not only looks impressive but provides a seamless user experience, ultimately leading to higher user engagement and conversion rates.


Social media & online advertising

We analyse your competitors’ social media, content sharing strategies, and paid advertising campaigns. Why? So we can develop targeted advertising strategies that position your brand effectively and reach your target audience where they actually spend their time online.


Benchmarking & ongoing monitoring

We benchmark your performance against your competitors and continuously monitor their digital activity to adapt your strategies accordingly. This makes sure that you not only catch up with your competitors but consistently outperform them in the digital space.

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Time to find out who you’re up against:

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