Stop shooting in the dark

Would you buy a house without viewing it first? No. Then why are you stuck pushing marketing activity live without using data to inform your process?

We’ll confess – we’re total data-nerds here at Punch. Our Leeds marketing agency uses insights to empower our clients, giving them a competitive edge they wouldn’t have had otherwise. We turn facts and figures into solid strategies that make hitting your business objectives a lot easier, and a lot quicker.

Data isn’t just numbers: it’s a strategic asset. Informed decisions reduce risk, optimise operations, and unlock growth opportunities. Whether you need to understand customer behaviour, track marketing performance, or predict industry trends, as a digital marketing agency can provide you with the clarity you need to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

  • Smarter, informed decision-making
  • Enhanced targeting and improved conversion rates
  • Personalisation and stronger customer connections
  • Better resource allocation and no time-wasting
  • Proactive campaign planning and adaption

This marketing agency aren’t psychics when it comes to data analytics, we just act like it

We look at it all. Why? So you can make decisions based on concrete evidence, not guesswork. It’s more important than ever that you understand your customers’ needs so you can deliver a personalised experience. We go beyond the analytics, enhancing every interaction your customers have with your brand. You’ll understand them at a deeper level, building a lasting relationship that turns people from customer into brand advocates.

You shall not pass (without secure and compliant data practices)

We integrate cutting-edge technology, advanced statistical techniques, and decades of industry expertise to deliver actionable insights that drive your business forward. Not only will we optimise your processes, but we’ll reduce costs and increase productivity for your in-house team too. And we understand that with data comes great responsibility (Batman, anyone?) We prioritise security and compliance, following industry regulations, making sure your data is protected for full peace of mind.

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We’ve got more skills than just analytics consultancy:

We’re intentional about every step of data analysis


Data collection & integration

We’re not just in the business of collecting data, we’re in the business of turning it into actionable insights. We help you harness the power of information in the most meaningful way.


Data cleaning & transformation

Organised data isn’t just tidy, it’s powerful. Whether it’s aggregating data from multiple sources, creating custom data-led campaigns, or preparing data for advanced analytics, we empower you to reach your brand’s full potential


Data visualisation & reporting

Our team of skilled creatives, developers, and data analysts transform raw data into easy-to-understand interactive dashboards, turning complex information into visual narratives that just make sense.

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Let’s uncover the value of your data.

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