Accessible Design: It’s Not Actually Boring. But Your Preconceptions Are

Accessible Design: It’s Not Actually Boring. But Your Preconceptions Are_

It’s a no-brainer that accessibility should be at the forefront of marketing strategy. The more people that can use your website or engage with your content, the better. But usually, accessibility in design is often associated with being functional and a little boring. Well, we’re here to tell you, you’re wrong.

A kaleidoscope of colours

Accessible design doesn’t mean sticking to a monotonous colour palette. You can embrace vibrant and eye-catching hues to make your marketing materials visually appealing to all.

Playful colours can grab attention, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impression. Just ensure that your colour choices maintain sufficient contrast for those with visual impairments. Remember, inclusivity can be a riot of colours!

Always remember that individuals have different colour preferences and sensitivities. For our client Dry Eye and Me, our web development team recently introduced an accessibility setting through to the glaucoma section of the website. Users can change the colours of the page, making it accessible, personal, and interactively fun!

I guess you could say we took quite a dry webpage… and made it a little more, Punch.

Check it out and let us know what you think – What is Glaucoma? – Visu Dry Eye (

Memes and humour

In terms of content marketing and social media strategy, injecting humour into your marketing materials is a sure-fire way to engage your audience while keeping things light and enjoyable. Memes, witty one-liners, and playful puns can bring a smile to everyone’s face. Just be mindful that humour is subjective, so test the waters and ensure your jokes are inclusive and respectful to all.

I want to debunk the myth that accessible design is dull. In fact, accessibility can be a fantastic opportunity to infuse your marketing campaigns with creativity, humour, and excitement.


Senior Designer

Engaging multimedia

Don’t limit yourself to static visuals or plain text. Incorporate engaging multimedia elements to captivate your audience.

Videos, animations, and interactive content can provide an immersive experience that appeals to a wide range of people. Any great integrated agency or design agency can help you with this.

Make sure your multimedia content includes captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions so you’re inclusive of everyone you can reach. Your marketing campaigns will come alive in more ways than one!

User friendly interfaces

Accessibility and user-friendliness go hand in hand. When we consider diverse needs, we create intuitive interfaces, seamless interactions, and engaging content that caters to a broader audience. By prioritising accessibility, we elevate the experiences of all users.

Don’t forget to offer alternative text, captions, and audio descriptions to accommodate those with disabilities. Accessible design can be the gateway to an exceptional user experience.

Don’t quite get it? Check out this campaign from Apple back in 2022. We’re still inspired now – Apple focuses on accessibility in epic new ad (

Accessible typography… but with flair

Nobody said accessible fonts have to be dull! While readability is essential, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring typefaces.

Explore a vast array of accessible fonts that offer style and personality while maintaining legibility. Experiment with different weights, styles, and sizes to make your typography pop.

With accessible design, you can strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and inclusivity.

Imagery that speaks volumes

When it comes to visuals, inclusive design is key. Embrace diverse and inclusive imagery that represents your audience. Break free from stock photo clichés and opt for authentic, relatable visuals that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Showcase diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity through your images, and watch your designs come to life with a burst of energy. Be a little different, we dare you.

Accessibility in design is an opportunity to unleash the fun and captivate audiences of all abilities.

Stick with this Leeds marketing agency and get ready to revolutionise your designs with accessibility that’s anything but boring!