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February 16, 2018

Meet the Punch Bunch: Will, Graphic Designer.

As part of a new blog series, we’re taking a closer look at the inner workings of the Punch Bunch and the projects we’re currently bringing to life in the studio. Here we catch up with Will, our brand new graphic designer, to chat about his latest project for one of our clients, Soaked, a water-saving technology distributor:


Hi Will, welcome to the Punch Bunch! Tell us a bit more about this job – what was your brief for the client?

I was tasked with developing a more comprehensive, engaging and aspirational brand identity for existing Soaked products – namely tap attachments and showers. Water challenge! (Get it? What a challenge? I’ll stop.)

What skills did you use throughout the process?

My role in this process involved idea generation, sketching initial ideas and concepts, working up logo options, developing chosen concepts and producing a shiny new logo. I really enjoyed being immersed in the project from start to finish because you’re utilising such a variety of skillsets for each stage of the process.

What software did you use?

A mixture of AI, ID, my trusty old cerebrum and the humble pencil and paper. (Yep – the latter IS still a thing.)

What did you love about this project?

Being involved with creating a new identity for a product was great, because it meant working with a blank canvas. It opened up lots of potential creative opportunities and avenues to explore for the client and it incites a real sense of pride when you’re the driving force of that process.

What did you find challenging about it?

The blank canvas element of the job was a double-edged sword in some ways – the creative opportunities it opened up had the potential to become a little bit daunting.

Here at Punch, we offer a range of creative, digital marketing and web design services to create a truly engaging visual experience for your brand’s audience. Take a look at some of the previous design work we’ve done for our clients here – and be inspired by what we could do for your brand! Watch this space for another Punch Bunch update.