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September 22, 2017

Why it’s important to have a mobile friendly website design

It was reported in October 2016, that mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop internet usage worldwide for the first time. If your website isn’t mobile friendly at the moment, then now might be the right time to invest in the change. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website design.


1. It’s what the customers want

One-quarter of global web searches are now conducted on a mobile device by over a billion users worldwide. People are now more than ever using their phones to conduct searches and make purchases, therefore mobile-friendly websites are vital. People want information quickly, therefore, phones are the first-point of call to find quickly and easily the information they desire.

2. Mobile users are different

Research suggests that mobile users spend more than they would on their desktop. The majority of purchases made on mobiles are reported as ‘impulse buys’ and the mobile-friendly and responsive sites are allowing customers to quickly and easily make purchases whilst on the go.  This shows the importance of optimising your mobile experience to match the visitor’s needs and behaviours.

3. Google may penalise you if you don’t

In 2015, Google changed their algorithm. This meant that the way Google displayed mobile search results changed and those websites that were optimised for mobile, ranked better than those that weren’t.  The better ranking in Google means that you’re reaching more customers, faster. Simply, having a mobile-friendly website and a satisfying user experience means that your site will be seen by more people and those people, will want to return to it.


4. You’ll receive more traffic

People use mobiles all over the world.  They’ll use their phones for everything, including for quickly finding out information and making purchases. The reason people prefer their phones for this kind of activity is that it’s quick and easy. If your website is optimised for mobile, then your website may be the preferred site for what they are looking for over competitors. It’s easy for them to connect and find the information or make the purchase that they desire.  It is also known that when using mobiles to go on a website, customers will simply type your company into Google, rather than typing in your URL into the search bar. Therefore, if your business is already nearer the top of Google search rankings, it’s improving customer experience allowing them to find you quickly and easy. Traffic will not only increase but customer retention.

5. You could lose customers  

Research suggests that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, making it difficult for customers to navigate and use, then they are more likely to find another site on their mobile which is more responsive. People won’t switch to the desktop computer to use your site, but rather simply switch to your competition’s site. It’s a quick way to lose customers.  Customers need fast loading pages, easy navigation and a streamlined site to reduce bounce rate and to turn clicks into your site into conversions.
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