What International Women’s Day means to the Punch Bunch - Punch Creative
March 19, 2019

What International Women’s Day means to the Punch Bunch

Today, the Punch Bunch took part in International Women’s Day. We have been striking the #BalanceforBetter pose and thinking about how stereotypes are used to put men and women in separate boxes. Head over to our Instagram page to see the full campaign.  

We have also been talking about some of the world’s most inspiring women, be they the women who forged the path towards equality during the 20th century or those who follow in their footsteps even to this day, in this blog our Leeds digital agency shares our list of the most inspiring women who ever lived!

Andy, Creative Artworker   

I’ll go for Paula Scher. She’s a Graphic designer and partner of Pentagram. As well as being a really good designer she also paints these really detailed and cool maps. I saw her talk at the AGI Open design event a few years ago at the Barbican.”

Rochelle, Account Manager

“Shonda Rhimes. This woman is my hero, not only is the brain behind some of my favourite TV programmes she is a single mother with three children running her media empire – Shondaland. She has an uncanny ability for bringing stories to life. She is raw and honest, when talking about her home life and doesn’t pretend to have it all together, which is something I admire. Rhimes says it how it is. One of my favourite quotes from her is… “I’m not an “everything looks great” mom. I’m a “barely hanging on” mom. Most mums feel like this at some point or other, we need more women like Shonda who don’t sugar coat what it is to be a highly successful working mum!”

Helen, Studio Manager

“Charlotte Flair – I watch wrestling with my son and this woman always inspires me as she is strong, fearless and basically rocks, she is queen in what was a male-dominated sport, hats off to all the women wrestlers who now take centre stage with the men, I haven’t got daughters but if I did she is the kind of role model I’d want them to have.”

Karen, Accounts

“Helen Keller should be an inspiration to us all, her achievements are amazing despite her disabilities. Born in 1880, deaf and blind, she became an author, political activist and lecturer and was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.”

Becca, Marketing Executive

“Nic and Sam Chapman – The two sisters have carved a career out of YouTube videos and have gone on to create their own line of make-up brushes, books and even filmed documentaries for the BBC. They’re incredibly hard-working businesswomen who are often away from their children and families for long periods of time, in order to make their business venture a success.
They grew up experiencing domestic violence in their family home, as well as Nic suffering from MS, something she has only recently opened up about. For me I strive to have that kind of success in life. I think it is important to understand that women can be just as powerful and successful as men and it’s time to make a change and recognise this!”

Justas, Web Developer

“Nina Simone was one of the most gifted artists of her generation; a singer, songwriter, musician, arranger and an icon of the civil rights movement. Simone ignored the divisions between jazz, pop, rock, classical music and soul genres and is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20thcentury. It’s hard to overstate the immeasurable legacy left behind by the ‘high priestess of Soul’.
To me, Nina Simone and her body of work represent the ability to overcome struggle and fight for freedom and equality through creative expression.
Her music is still relevant today – it didn’t adhere to ephemeral trends, it isn’t a relic of a bygone era; her vocal delivery and technical skills as a pianist still dazzle, and her emotional performances have a visceral impact.”
Our other inspirational women include…
Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Actress, Emma Watson
Designer/ Artist, Barbara Kruger
Graphic Designer, Carolyn Davidson