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April 30, 2014

Websites working harder for your business

So, the economy is picking up and we are all being lead towards the land of milk and honey (maybe if you happen to live in the South East anyway).

Having made it through the recession presumably we can all relax while the phone rings off the hook. I suppose there are different ways to look at the economic recovery. As a Leeds Design Agency, we might make an assumption that marketing budgets will recover and more marketing managers will be on the lookout for design or web services.

But this is a double-edged sword. When times were really bad some design agencies in Leeds went under, this may have relaxed the amount of local competition. Now things are looking up demand will ultimately create a greater need for supply and design agencies will spring up all over the place.
Either way, whatever you do and however you analyse your business it is safe to assume the need to create and convert on as many new business opportunities as possible.
Using Punch as an example we have kept things simple. Rather than trying to do everything, our team make sure we are realistic about our new business strategy – but do it well. Our main source of new business enquiries comes via our website, this has grown steadily over time and we credit our ongoing work on the website, in particular, our organic SEO for this.
For example, I am writing this blog which will enhance our organic SEO effort.
This can be directly evidenced over time via our Google Analytics. A simple tip for enhancing your SEO is to write blog content that is pertinent to your products or services. Seems obvious but lots of people seem to waste their efforts adding content that will have little impact on their web visibility to the right people.
In particular, our website traffic has increased 34% in the last quarter (since Oct – Dec 2013) and our new business enquiries have increased in line with this. One thing is for certain, we convert far more leads that approach us than the other way around..!
Of course, there is a logic in people who approach us via our website turning into qualified leads. They have found our website, presumably like what they see and are often in the market for a website themselves…so one thing often leads to another, so to speak!

Whatever it is you do, the fact remains that getting more of the right people to look at your website will lead to more web enquiries.
We do not market ourselves as an SEO agency, but we support our clients with SEO, and it is something everyone can do for themselves (if they have a well built, accessible website) to improve their Google positions. One relatively simple thing everyone can do is install Google Analytics to their website to discover how many people view their website, how people find their website and how their website is being used (or not as the case may be!).

These are just a few simple points of course and many clients need to fundamentally examine their existing web presence before deciding how to either redevelop it or enhance what they have.
Either way can be effective depending on individual circumstances. For example, we recently relaunched a client’s website that did not feature at all in terms of search engine ranking. This was not a total rebuild, we carried out a thorough examination of their existing site, found we could work with it and within a month they are on page 1 for their preferred terms… and their website traffic is increasing as a result.

So, if like us you think the time is right to capitalise on some positive new business activity via your website give us a call to discuss how we might be able to help.

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