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March 20, 2020

Top Tips for Working from Home

This week, the Punch Bunch are working from home – with some of us in self-isolation and others looking after family. Despite the circumstances, our Leeds digital agency is staying connected, keeping busy and spreading kindness. 
We understand that being out of your routine when you have a million things to do can be tricky, which is why this week, we’re sharing our top tips for working from home. 

Get Dressed (from Head to Toe)

This seems like an odd one, but it’s important! Dress like you would normally and put on a pair of shoes. There’s something psychological about wearing a pair of shoes that will get you feeling ready for the day ahead. You wouldn’t go to work without shoes on – so try to replicate that in your own home. Try it, it works! 
If you don’t wear shoes in the house, try a pair of slippers. 

Find Your Workspot

Find a place in your home where you feel comfortable and are not distracted by everyday things like the TV, games console or surfing the web (outside the remits of your usual work – that is). If you have a desk – that’s perfect! 
Other places can include the kitchen table, a high side table or even a lap tray. This is especially good as you can move to different parts of your house to find where suits you best. Just be careful if you have your cuppa and your laptop on the same tray!

Keep Your Mind Entertained

Like us, you might be missing your colleagues! The office banter or general conversation isn’t there when you work from home and it’s ok to notice there’s something missing. Fear not – we have you covered. 
For music lovers or someone who likes a little atmospheric music, take a listen to ChillHop Beats on YouTube. It’s a live stream of 24/7 instrumental relaxing music aimed towards people who are working, studying or relaxing. There’s even one for sleep!
Podcasts are another great way to keep your mind entertained – maybe there’s one you’ve always wanted to listen to but never had the time? Now is that time! Check our Punch Recommends Podcasts blog for some inspiration.

Take a Lunch Break

This is a super important one. Take your lunch break away from your workspace, just as you usually would in work. Maybe watch an episode of your favourite sitcom or, if your partner or housemate is also working from home, have lunch together!
Some fresh air is also advised, so maybe take a walk outside. Whatever you do, just don’t eat your lunch at your desk. 

Stretch and Deskercise

Feeling bogged down? Can’t stop staring at your screen and your eyes just won’t focus? Step away from your workspace for a stretch or do some deskercise routines!
Take a look at Healthline’s recommended stretches which are easy to do at your desk to keep the blood flowing and get rid of that painful desk posture. Go back to your workspace feeling refreshed and ready for your workload. 
We hope you enjoyed our top tips for staying motivated when working from home. If you try any of these, be sure to let us know on our social media channels! 
During times like these, we need to bring each other together by sharing advice, resources and knowledge and being kind to our fellow human beings. 
Stay safe and stay well.