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December 20, 2018

Best Design Campaigns of 2018

In our December blog series, our Digital agency in Leeds has been discussing our favourite campaigns of the year. In this blog, we discuss the best design print ad campaigns for 2018.

2018 has been an exciting year in the world of design and advertising. It has proven to be a difficult task to choose our top 5, but after a lot of friendly disagreement, our Leeds Digital agency finally agreed that these are our favourites.

You are what they eat

A huge topic for 2018 has of course been the sheer amount of plastic being dumped into the world’s oceans. This striking campaign by German advertising company Ogilvy for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society really showcases the disturbing truth that the level of plastic currently residing in the ocean is beyond comprehension. The campaign depicts a number of marine life, misshapen by plastic objects, with the tagline “You are what they eat.” Our Leeds design agency thinks that while this was a disturbing campaign, it cleverly highlighted a very real-world issue!


Pee on this

Customers peeing on your advert is not usually what a brand envisions when you launch a campaign. However, home interiors retailer Ikea actively encouraged this in an advert for a crib. Ikea cleverly created an advert that doubled up as a pregnancy test. Positive results would mean that mums-to-be were offered a half-price crib.


Finger licking good

2018 has seen the fast food giant KFC hit more than one road bump. But, being the professionals that they are, KFC has managed to make fun of themselves and retain their reputation. In doing this they have made almost every advertising, PR and marketing best of 2018 list. Our Leeds Design agency has gone so far as to place them on this one, not just once, but twice!
We all know that KFC is finger-lickin’ good and, to highlight this fact, the company created a series of print ads in which everyday objects sprout mouths wherever fingers might touch, in the hopes of getting a taste. Creepy but effective KFC!




Our second favourite KFC ad was the now infamous campaign following a period in the spring when 900 UK restaurants ran out of chicken. Like the pro’s that they are, KFC put their hands up and accepted responsibility, creating ads apologising of their lack of chicken. Mastering the art of apologising is key to long-term success and KFC did it that well their ad went instantly viral.



Kiss with pride

Our Design agency in Leeds really loves this campaign by Absolut. This year marks 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. However, it is still illegal in 72 countries and punishable by death in eight of those countries. To highlight this, Absolut. has partnered with LGBT charities and created a series of close up shots of same-sex kisses. The subjects are from countries where the kiss could land them in prison or worse and salutes them for kissing with pride.

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