So, your loved one is becoming a Web Developer. Here’s what to expect… - Punch Creative
October 11, 2021

So, your loved one is becoming a Web Developer. Here’s what to expect…

In our industry, it’s important to take a light-hearted and different approach every now and then. Our talented developer and game designer Matt gave his unique, satirical take on what it means to become a web developer. In a quirky new style of blog for us, you can follow the comic-like story of the evolving character.

Stage One

Their sleeping pattern dramatically changes; once a jolly day-walker, forever changed into a solitary night creature; set on by the eternal screen’s glow.

Stage Two

As they begin to develop more, you’ll notice a loss of various expressions, leaving behind what appears to be a perpetual state of confusion and frustration.

Stage Three

During the mid-phase, you may hear strange chants and rituals, this is nothing to be afraid of, so for now; ignore this, but expect to see “salt”, “candles”, and “goat heads” added to the shopping list.

Stage Four

Finally, your beautiful budding Web Developer has grown two extra limbs! This means he’s accelerating into the final stages of his transformation, but still has a little bit to go. This will improve their overall proficiency and speed as he goes forward. Note: Please be sure to feed them.

Stage Five

Their transformation is complete, they’ve reached the epitome! Although it may be sad at first, it’s time to set them free upon the world, and let them get the job they worked so hard to achieve!

Happy job hunting!

Becoming a web developer takes a lot of hard work, but we promise none of our web team have transitioned into spiders just yet! Embracing creativity and individuality is something that makes working at Punch so great, so we hope you enjoyed this fun story. If you’re keen to join our imaginative team, come and say hello!