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Stop shooting in the dark

We’ll confess – we’re total data-nerds here at Punch. We use insights and market research to empower our clients, giving them a competitive edge in a busy market space. We use imagination in combination with insight to deliver meaningful campaigns and brand strategies that deliver.  


Our strategists create research-backed insights to inform your marketing strategy, using our extensive knowledge of consumer behaviour and your sector. We turn facts and figures into solid strategies that make hitting your business objectives a lot easier. 

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Insights as armour 

Data isn’t just numbers: it’s a strategic asset. Informed decisions reduce risk, optimise operations, and unlock growth opportunities. Whether you need to understand customer behaviour, track marketing performance, or predict industry trends, as a digital marketing agency we can provide you with the clarity you need for your brand to thrive. 


  • Smarter, informed decision-making 
  • Enhanced targeting and improved conversion rates 
  • Personalisation and stronger customer connections 
  • Better resource allocation and no time-wasting 
  • Proactive campaign planning and adaption 


We look at it all, so you can make decisions based on concrete evidence, not guesswork. We use insights gathered through extensive market research and analytics to enhance brand strategy, creative campaigns, and your wider marketing by blending the raw facts with imagination. Our strategic team and creative teams work side by side to transform these insights into action, ensuring you get the results you need.  

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The full 360 – it’s part of our charm:

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Let’s uncover the value of your data.

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