Say hi to intern Charlie! - Punch Creative
July 22, 2019

Say hi to intern Charlie!

We recently had student Charlie spend some time at Punch Towers. And let us tell you, aside from making a mean cuppa, Charlie is going to make one hell of a Graphic Designer once he finishes school! We caught up with him and of course, had to do a classic Q & A…

Could you please describe what attracted you to spend a week as a designer at Punch?

From my previous work experience at Punch last year, it was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the team, as well as everybody’s dedicated work ethic that made the biggest impact on me. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time looking at all the different creative and digital features that go behind a successful graphic design business such as this.

Please, can you give a brief overview of what you’ve been working on this week?

This week, I brought in my own live project to complete; revamping the logo and several other design features of Oldfield Light + Sound + Vision, a local electrical company in Skipton. First, after discussing this with Helen, I planned out a brief which summed up the character and the key desires of Oldfield. Next, Will and Andy showed me the ropes on Adobe Illustrator, advising me on relevant logo designs (inspiration on Pinterest) and suggesting refinement throughout. Then, after we finalised a logo design from the various created, I started to design further items that would promote the business’s new look. These included business cards, letterheads, blog posts, a brief webpage, etc. Finally, in order to showcase these, Andy put together a layout design on Photoshop, where I inserted my own work. Therefore, I can now use this mood board to show Oldfield my week’s design progress.

What has a week of work experience at Punch meant to you?

It has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of a creative career. I have gained valuable knowledge from using the Adobe software, with the experience of learning in a working environment showing how important it is to listen and ask for help where needed. The Punch team have been extremely generous and I am very thankful to them for helping me find my feet!

What did you hope to achieve by spending a week as a design work experience student?

I wanted to learn more about the graphic design element of art and design, as well as important skills such as project time management when employed by a company. As a student, it has given me an idea of what opportunities await outside the classroom, and it has prepared me for a future career in this industry.

Has it lived up to your expectations?

Most definitely! Punch is just as friendly, hard-working and of course creative as the first time I came for work experience. Again, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the people who make this business as great as it is – if anything, I wish I could stay for longer!

What advantages do you see in doing work experience?

I think I can speak for many students my age when I say that many of us don’t really know what we want to be when we’re older, and so work experience to me has been incredibly useful in showing me again the endless possibilities of working in any industry, whether it be creative, scientific, or linguistic. Although it may not have narrowed my choices down, it has given me plenty to think about.

Has your week with Punch given you a better idea of what you’d like to do in the future?

Most definitely. As I said above, after this week’s work experience, I would definitely like to pursue a career in graphic design in the future; not just because of the design work, but because of the people here at Punch who have inspired me to dream big!

What does your future look like?

Personally, I would like to finish my A-Levels and go off to University to do an art-related course, mostly because of my older sister’s positive feedback and the amazing subject teachings now available. However, I am not completely closed off to the idea of an apprenticeship or company training; it depends on where the next two years of school lead to be honest.

Who do you look up to creatively (e.g. artists, designers, musicians, film)?

Personally, I love watching films and listening to music. My favourite artist/musician would have to be Ed Sheeran, as his songs are pure originals that have a poetic flare in each verse. Film wise, I really like Wes Anderson’s directing take, as although his movies may seem a little different, that ability to stand out from the crowd and to not be afraid for me reflects the individuality of every creative designer.

What three things have you learnt that you’ll take away from this experience?

Teamwork, creativity and friendship.

What’s been your highlight?

When I played my first ever game of pool with Andy and Will. (Even though I was pretty bad!)

What’s been your funniest memory?

When Helen, Andy, Will, Julie and I had to act out scenes for the studio downstairs!

And finally, just who is the better pool player between Andy and Will? It’s Andy, right?

I think you should share the pool trophy because you’re both just as good as each other!

Thanks for your time, Charlie. We’ve loved having you here, learnt some stuff from you… and those biscuits were seeeeeeriously good!