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July 2, 2013

Responsive Website Design

Single site design, optimised for all experiences.

One thing we love about our work at Punch is the constantly changing creative environment we operate in. It would be impossible for us to adopt a generic approach to our client services – because each client is so different. But also because everything changes so quickly so we can’t stand still and do the same things that we were doing 6 months ago, let alone last year.

One big change in the work we produce is online – with responsive website design.

Basically responsive websites respond to the screen they are being viewed on. You can think of this in terms of 3 main variations – desktop, tablet and phone.
Responsive websites are becoming more relevant as the methods that we use to access online information evolve. It is increasingly common for people to use a combination of devices during their user journey on a single website.

For example, someone might pick up on an interesting tweet on a phone to begin a user journey on a website. Based on the content of the website this might lead that person to continue their journey online when they get in front of a desktop or tablet at home later. This is particularly common in the case of retail content, where people are (at present) less likely to complete their purchase on a phone and use a combination of devices to do so.

So, a responsive website works equally well on all screens, images shrink and grids resize to the device you are using creating a catch all solution for website design.

A responsive website also makes sense for clients who do not have the need for a stand alone mobile website or app. The responsive nature of this type of website design is also crucial as the number of devices, platforms and browsers grow by the day. Nothing is truly ‘future proof’ but a fluid, responsive website is the closest thing we have to ensuring the longevity of your website.

One example of a responsive website we have developed recently is for the waste shredding experts, Untha UK. In the example of Untha a responsive website was prescribed due to the nature of their business operations. Untha frequently exhibit at industry events and provide a lot of remote 1-2-1 support for the clients – off site. So, in these instances a responsive site is perfect as it is required to function seamlessly on tablets and phones – as well as the more ‘traditional’ desktop screen.
For more information download ‘Understanding Responsive Design’. A PDF report commissioned for Adobe by Global marketing research agency, Forrester.