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March 18, 2014

Responsive Email Design and Development

Introducing a new way to view your emails.

The great thing about website design and development is just when you think you’ve seen everything a particular development technique can offer you can still be surprised by new and interesting applications of that technique. Take responsive design for instance. Since it made a huge splash in development scene in 2013 there are still new ways in which it has evolved and improved users Internet experiences outside of website design.

Viewing emails on a mobile device.

With the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices many consumers are starting to move away from using desktop computers to access their email. Now over half of emails are opened on a mobile device before they are viewed on a desktop or webmail application. In the past HTML email templates were designed and built to be viewed in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail but on smaller displays a user must zoom into the email to be able to read the content or view images in more detail – for example see the following responsive update from Twitter.

The solution – Responsive email design and development.

To meet the demand for cross platform emails the team at Punch use responsive email design. It uses the same principle of responsive design to create one email template that changes its appearance to suit the device that the email is being viewed on. This way emails can be read very easily on the go with a view to increase the click through rate. Responsive emails that can link through to a responsively optimised website can provide the recipient with a consistent and seamless user journey.
More than ever our website projects focus on design that fits with a user-journey on a range of devices – and the continued development of our responsive design projects are the best example of this.