Punch video shoot with Sport England - Punch Creative
January 29, 2014

Punch video shoot with Sport England

Project: To produce a short video demonstrating the legacy of GB Olympics 2012
Venue: Bridlington
Client: Sport England

As a full service design agency a large percentage of our work is for traditional design for print, or online for websites. But, some of our favourite projects have been our video work and we are looking forward to doing more and more video work in 2014…

So, less than a fortnight ago we were delighted to be contacted by Sport England who asked us to respond with a pitch to their video opportunity. Needless to say we duly responded, pitched and were soon celebrating when they asked us to work with them as part of their Olympic legacy project. The fact that the client had found us following a quick search online also made our web guys happy, anyway I digress…
We arrived Tuesday afternoon to the wettest coldest most miserable day you could ever wish for in order to carry out a recci prior to the video shoot on Wednesday. After collecting the client we went across to the venue at which we would be filming. We were there to see one of the training pools that had been used by the Olympic swimming team at the Olympic Park and which had been transported up to Bridlington where it would fill the gap between their old leisure centre closing and their new one being built, a period of two years. I have to say, this was not what we expected. We had thought it was going to be some oversized inflatable pool that – at a push – might be similar to a swimming pool.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What we found was an amazing solid walled, fully insulated temporary building. Inside was this 25 metre, 6 lane Olympic standard swimming pool with raised deck walk ways, changing rooms, lockers and every other modern facility you would wish to find in a state of the art facility. Oh, and despite the freezing cold outside, a steady 30 degrees to ensure the wet swimmers remained comfortable.
We arrived one hour in advance of our 9.00am call on Wednesday, not because we cant tell the time, but because having felt how warm and humid the environment was that we were going to be working in, I knew we had to acclimatise the cameras to avoid the misting up of the lenses which I had seen many times before. This one hour paid dividends as at 9.00am we were ready to go and not a misty lens insight. The BBC cameraman didnt have such luck, no preparation meant he spent the entire morning wiping his lens until eventually giving up and leaving as condensation defeated him.

Permissions granted, it was time to get started. Bridlington Swimming club had kindly agreed to be a part of the shoot and they were into the pool before you could blink an eye. Watching them made you realise how vital sponsorship from organisations like Sport England are in order to allow youngsters to pursue their dreams. Sport England had donated £160k to allow this legacy of the Olympics be brought to Bridlington.
Along with the local dignitaries, we were treated to an interview with Olympic Bronze Medalist, Jo Jackson (pictured below) who also gave the kids a quick coaching session.

With all the shots safe in the camera it was time to get back to the edit room where we will put together the finished piece which will be uploaded as soon as it is ready.