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September 19, 2011

Punch Rebrand

Design Rebrand
As anyone who has known Punch Creative for a while will have noticed, we have recently relaunched our website and rebranded our business.
As a graphic design agency, this is an important process. Not only for our own business but also because we are judged by our own standards. If our own brand is not up to scratch and our own website does not do the things we suggest our clients should be doing – why should they listen to us?
In effect, we become our own clients.
The creative brief to ourselves was simple, keep our core values but communicate our wider range of services.
Or, show people that we are progressing as a business, and this marks the next stage for us.
Or, we have grown up…check us out !
We decided the best way to convey this was to simply tell people, but in a graphic language that is engaging to the viewer and has the ability to lead your eye towards specific words as we need it to.
How can you create a brand that shows people you specialise in branding, campaign creation, new media, design for print etc etc ? Why not simply tell them? That lead us to build our new identity around an engaging use of typography centred around our name, our personality and the services we offer.
Some people think graphic design is basically creating pretty pictures, and sometimes it is!
But it can also be a powerful business tool that communicates with new and existing clients in a way that you can’t always do yourself.
Design Rebrand
As with any other piece of graphic design we do, our own brand will create a different reaction from different people. Importantly though for us it has shown people our wider portfolio of services and drawn greater emphasis on our strategy work…showing that we don’t just do – we think too !
Also, an immediate tangible benefit has been in our web traffic. Since we introduced this a little over a month ago our traffic has increased by over 900%. As a result we are far more visible than we used to be – and are speaking to new people, not only in Leeds but nationally, about how we can help them do the same.
A simple logo won’t change your business on it’s own, there is far more to it than that, as our own rebrand shows.
We would love to hear your thoughts on our rebrand and if you would like us to talk to you about yours.
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