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January 22, 2019

Punch predicts… 2019 design trends

In the second instalment of our blog series ‘Punch Predicts’, we talk to our design team about what they think the trends are likely to be in 2019!



Packaging is an increasingly important marketing asset as customers perceive it as part of the product offering. In the last 20 years or so, the use of plastic packaging has seen a buoyant increase, due, in most part, to supermarkets and high street shops giving away plastic carriers free of charge. However, the chronic overuse of this material has caused untold damage to our planet. This was highlighted a startling amount last year with a number of documentaries showing the damage plastic waste is having on our oceans. As a result of this, we are likely to see businesses introducing eco packaging as a way to appeal to an eco-minded audience.
Our Creative Artworker, Andy thinks that 2019 is likely to see businesses go one step further and use sustainable packaging solutions that aim to increase the life cycle of packaging. Commenting on this, he says; “There has already been a move away from plastic packaging and a number of eco-minded businesses such as Abel and Cole already use sustainable packaging, whereby customers return delivery boxes so they can be reused.”


Responsive Logos

A responsive logo is fully scalable and has a dynamic identity – this is where logos behave differently through the use of data. You could, for example, have a logo that changes depending on whether a user is logged into their account or not.
Julie, our Senior Designer says; “We live in an age where designers need have a deep understanding of the different contexts in which their designs will be used. They need to create aesthetically pleasing designs that have the ability to adapt to different media.”



2018 saw Channel 4 rebrand to make their brand more coherent and Weight Watchers rebrand to WW – to make their offering suitable for a 21st-century audience. This year we will see even more companies rebranding in order to stay ahead of the competition.
“With so much competition, companies can no longer get away with being average and hiding behind their brand. Companies need to define who they are and find their voice. Brand goes beyond selling the ‘sizzle’! Savvy customers want credibility and results. It’s like having a house that looks great on the surface but if the foundations aren’t there, it will fall down” says Helen, our Studio Manager, who just loves an analogy.

 Kinetic Identity Systems

These are a system of parts that can be used interchangeably but are still recognisable as one brand. A recent example of this done well is from New York-based software service provider Squarespace. Their design agency, DIA studio utilised kinetic branding in their refresh to create a unique look that is entirely Squarespace and makes reference to New York modernism, fashion and tech.
“Kinetic identity systems are a designers dream. They give us room to play and be creative, whilst still working within brand guidelines” says our Creative Artworker, Will. He went on to say, “This works particularly well for those whose output is mainly interactive or screen based as their brand needs to make sense in motion. To put simply kinetic identity systems provide brands with another dimension.”

The next in our blog series, ‘Punch predicts’ will be coming next week… look out to see what our web team thinks will happen in the world of digital design in 2019!

By the Creative Design team.