Punch Design CRM Goes Live! - Punch Creative
November 21, 2014

Punch Design CRM Goes Live!

This morning our Leeds Digital Agency put a big pot of coffee on in the design studio, and we all sat around to gaze into the new Punch CRM system with wonder and amazement…

A few of us are old dogs at Punch and the old adage about new tricks can sometimes ring true at a time like this – but developing a bespoke CRM system was a business decision we took 6 months ago to help our production management and administrative skills for the benefit of our client projects…and to save us a bit of time too.
Primarily the new Punch CRM has been built to better manage our design projects. This is often because a piece of work could involve design, web, photography, print and video work. Managing these elements effectively can take time, so the new system is designed to do this for us and also provide a solid reference of information to check back on if needed.
Of course, like most design studios, we don’t want to be involved with admin. We don’t like spreadsheets or any other vaguely office related software…we want to be working on creative projects, websites and the like. So the new CRM is also designed to free up our time so we can do more of what we are good at – creative stuff !

Having worked on the development of the CRM we can really see the benefits to our team and our clients, to those of you who have not used such a system we see the main benefits as being:
• Effective time management
• Accurate job tracking
• Management of complex projects
• Workflow planning
• Better communication
• Effective invoice processing
• Retrospective reporting and analysis
• Remote platform to access anywhere
• Cloud backup for secure data management
And most importantly (for creative types) less time spent using Excel or other office software!
We see the new Punch CRM as being a huge benefit to the business and our clients over the coming months and years!