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September 7, 2013

Punch Creative needs YOU!

Over the last 12 months Punch have changed a lot as a design agency. We have moved premises, met new clients, grown the team and broadened the portfolio of creative services we offer.

Looking at all this from inside we can only get a limited perspective on how this has changed Punch. It would be easy to think that the changes you make as a business are for the better and all have a positive effect for our clients or people judging us as their next potential design agency.

However, we are not so blinkered that we don’t see how sudden growth or changes in a business, particularly a design agency, might also be unsettling or negative for those who currently work with us.
It is a balance that we must find. We want to continue our development but we also want to retain the personality that has served us well since we started in 2007. Also we want to keep our personal approach to the clients we have known since the beginning – those clients who have helped support us from the start.
We must be creative, develop and introduce new services by nature of the industry we are in. It would be little use to most of our current clients if we only did design for print, or we couldn’t consider the huge range of digital services that can promote your brand so effectively today.
So, therein lies the conundrum for Punch Creative today. We want to be exciting and continue to grow as a business. But, we are also mindful of the fantastic base of clients we currently have who we want to continue working with. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive of course, but sometimes it is a difficult balance to continue to strike.
So, what would be really useful to us would be your honest feedback. Punch have no plans to become a super massive design monster and move down south from Leeds, but we aren’t standing still either. What are your thoughts on working with us now compared to how we ‘used to be’? Or for that matter, what do you think makes a good or bad design agency?
We think the changes at Punch have been positive for ourselves and the people we work for. But, we started Punch by focusing on our clients and we want to continue to take your views into account as we move forward as a business.
You can let us know your thoughts on this by using the contact form on our website, or better still by having a chat with us when we see you next.
We would genuinely appreciate your thoughts.