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October 23, 2012

Punch becomes a RAR recommended design agency

Sometimes being a design agency is hard. Not only are we in a crowded market place (Leeds is one of the major hot spots for agencies in the UK) but we are also ‘selling’ something that is often intangible – for example creative ideas.
I recently had a conversation with a friend who owns a great video company (manto.tv). We were discussing new business and he noted that people approach him because they can see exactly what they are getting from his website. People have a need for a video, look at his portfolio and see his competence, then give him a call…simple.
[blockquote] It is slightly different for a design agency – particularly a full service agency like Punch. We offer our clients branding, graphic design, web, print and a whole range of digital media. For people that have never used and agency that might seem a bit bewildering, and potentially expensive! [/blockquote] I always think approaching a design agency must be like peering into a high end jewellers from the pavement. You know the ones, no price tags in the window and a buzzer on the security door. I always get the feeling I had better have plenty of money, and a definite intention to buy if I ring the bell!
So, we are trying to get past that at Punch to let people know they can just ring us for a chat about any project they are considering– under no obligation and at no cost.
That is why we decided to submit our details to the RAR recommended agency register. RAR is an independent review body specifically for any design agency to allow their clients to post anonymous reviews of their services, and leave a testimonial should they choose.
[blockquote] To be accepted as an accredited design agency on the RAR register an agency must meet their criteria and have clients who are willing to rate their services. This is also reviewed on an ongoing basis – so if the feedback drops you loose your accredited status.
Everyone at Punch was delighted when we were contacted by RAR and added to their list of highly rated design agencies – with an overall rating of 96.4% [/blockquote] We hope this goes some way to validating our services to people who are considering an approach. If you would like to read more about our RAR status you can download the following PDF
Or, take a look at the Punch Creative page on the RAR website: