Digital strategy and platform development to improve
customer satisfaction for 50-branch car dealership

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A long established UK based car dealership with over 50 locations, Stoneacre provides new and used cars, care maintenance, and aftersales services. Stoneacre approached Punch as they needed a digital partner to review the parts returns process, increase proficiency, and create a digital platform to allow garages and dealerships easier access to parts ordering. They needed a smoother ride, and a digital roadmap, to improve customer satisfaction and wanted an agency they could trust to deliver it.  

Our services:

  • Digital strategy
  • UI/UX creative
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Website platform development
  • Data insight and performance
A man's hands hold a tablet with Stoneacre's website displayed on it


The digital team at Punch began with a review of the existing processes and digital infrastructure.

We created initial UX design mapping based on ideal user scenarios followed by project mapping of all Stoneacre’s ‘must-haves’.

Then we began with the creation and build of an integrated ordering and returns portal for cart parts, with secure access for all registered dealerships linked to the existing CRM. We also provided admin level training for their workforce.

Alongside this creation and deployment of the new system, we provide ongoing analytic reporting to maintain the portal and ensure it’s hitting Stoneacre’s business objectives. 

someone's hands rest on a laptop keyboard with code on the screen

Someone's hands hold a phone with the Stoenacre website displayed on the screen


The project was delivered successfully, fully live and functional ahead of Stoneacre’s initial timeline. We streamlined the entire process, ensuring they hit their marketing objectives. 

We reduced time taken to complete a parts return by 63%, and achieved a 41% reduction in returns overall.

They also saw a nearly 50% reduction in contact centre calls related to ordering and delays to parts – a huge increase in customer satisfaction – attributed to our data process transformation.