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Splendid Hospitality Group

Total brand support for a nationwide hotel group.

We were originally approached by SHG to help consolidate some of their simple brand collateral. From there, we were asked to review their website presence and propose how we could provide design and marketing support to their exciting portfolio of hotels. The Group currently operates a range of budget and luxury hotels, including Holiday Inns, Hiltons, Indigos and a number of independent hotels, too.


We were asked to redevelop Splendid’s own website presence and that of their individual hotels. We now support each hotel with design, email marketing, social media content and both PPC and organic SEO. Though some of the hotels have already established their brand, we have developed the brands of others. The portfolio is varied in terms of location and product, so we have developed a range of marketing strategies to best promote each hotel. Since beginning our work with SHG in 2016, we have redeveloped their online portfolio, completing a range of creative design projects to increase the revenue streams of each hotel.


“I have worked with Louise and Punch for just over a year and it’s incredible to think about what we’ve delivered in that time! All of our short, medium and long term plans are discussed and planned out in the minutest of details and delivered on time. I see Punch as an extension of my team, and someone who I can talk to at any time. Punch bring their relevant experts into different meetings to ensure we have the right people in the room at the right time. This means decisions are made correctly and quickly, giving us the agility we need as a business.”
Marc Saunders, Marketing director, Splendid Hospitality Group


Our client support includes:

  • Creative design
  • Campaign management
  • Website design and build
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Organic and paid SEO
  • Print management