Building brand awareness through gamification
and a digital customer engagement strategy

A woman sits in a car


Halfords, the UK’s leading motoring and cycling retailer, aimed to educate their customers about essential motoring products and safety practices.  

Our digital team proposed an engaging and interactive way to raise awareness about tyre safety, motor oil maintenance, and other crucial aspects of vehicle care.  

The online game for Halfords successfully combined education and entertainment to raise awareness about motoring safety and maintenance. 

Our services:

  • Brand development
  • Digital strategy
  • Gamification
  • Creative design


Our developers created an innovative online game using Unity, a versatile cross-platform game engine. We created an online game where players drive a car along a road filled with real-world hazards.  

The game’s design incorporates various obstacles such as bad weather, oil patches, and busy roads to simulate realistic driving challenges in a retro game environment.  

Players must navigate these obstacles using their motoring knowledge and products featured in the game. 


The game has attracted thousands of users, with extremely high engagement rates, played over 7,000 times in its first year. Halford’s also experienced an increase in product inquiries and sales following the game’s launch.

Halford’s also saw:

  • An enhanced brand presence
  • Increased customer awareness of motoring safety
  • Improved knowledge of related products