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Bike & Boot Hotels

Bike & Boot is a new hospitality brand with big ambitions.


A great brand with loads of ideas that just needed the right agency partner to get under the skin of the company. The first Bike & Boot property in Scarborough delivers a unique brand where dog owners, bikers, walkers and any outdoor pursuits are all welcomed and encouraged as part of the experience. The on-site facilities are a dream for people who enjoy adventure with a little rough and tumble.


Our agency brief was focused on creating the essence of that personality and bottling it for an audience who are engaged by something different in the sector. This in turn affords our creatives the opportunity to really push the boundaries for their brand marketing – and have fun with it. This was never more evident than with the hugely successful ‘Muck off’ campaign during 2020 which helped achieve a 90% occupancy rate and crucial wider brand profile.


The rest of this page is yet to be written as we plan the growth strategy for the brand with their growing portfolio of hotels and much more marketing fun to come!


“The response to ‘Muck Off’ was considerable, resulting in hotel occupancy hitting above 90%. The campaign helped to steadily increase social following and brand interaction.”
Simon Kershaw, Executive Director at Bike & Boot Inns


Our support for the client covers:

  • Brand development
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Website development
  • Video & animation