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Direct Voice & Data

A brand in need of effective agency collaboration

DAVD are a Voice & Data company with a wide and sometimes complex product range. Their brand was in need of a rethink to help reach their intended audience with a clear message and refreshed image. As can often be the case, the client had a number of false starts with agencies before, none had quite worked for a variety of reasons. We needed to prompt a rethink around their perceptions of the agency world and the difference this could make to their existing sales structure.


We began with a number of sprint sessions to establish their key objectives and understand what success would mean to them. We also needed them to understand our strategy and how this would feed their sales funnel. Our support to the client has focused on creating a consistent approach to marketing to provide an ongoing benefit for the brand. Working with their existing website we have been able to review their online audience and build a lead nurturing strategy to build awareness of the brand and product benefits through a series of thought-lead content. In time, this will create a new set of permissions for the brand to speak to existing customers about new technologies and also widen their reach to new clients who they were not able to engage before.


Our support for the DAVD covers:


  • Brand refresh
  • Content marketing
  • Audience growth and analysis
  • Lead nurturing
  • Animation content
  • Copywriting
  • Print management