S1 E3 How to attract more high-quality wedding leads to your venue (feat. Kelly Mortimer Wedding Expert) - Punch Creative
March 23, 2022

S1 E3 How to attract more high-quality wedding leads to your venue (feat. Kelly Mortimer Wedding Expert)

S1 E3 How to attract more high-quality wedding leads to your venue (feat. Kelly Mortimer Wedding Expert)

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You NEED to know these tips! Wedding industry speaker, trainer and consultant, Kelly Mortimer advises listeners on how they can grow their revenue and attract higher budget weddings. With 20 years of experience in events and weddings, Kelly has helped businesses increase their revenue by multi-millions.

In the last few years, the pandemic has taken a toll on the wedding industry. To help you bounce back, we’re uncovering how to give your marketing the wow factor that grabs your audience’s attention.

On the Pack a Punch Podcast we are keen to give our listeners actionable guidance and takeaways that they can use to take their marketing to new heights. In this episode, Kelly reveals 3 insightful ways that you can attract more high-quality wedding leads.

Show Notes

In our newest podcast, we chatted to wedding sales expert, Kelly Mortimer. Kelly highlights three ways that she recommends in order to attract more high-quality wedding leads. 

Kelly’s first tip is to comb through your existing photography, making sure that they are the best images that you have and they portray your venue in the highest regard. If you are unsatisfied, reach out to couples who previously wed at your property and get in touch with their photographer. It is also a good idea to implement user-generated content on social media, training staff members to post videos and imagery that is on-brand and authentic.

Kelly also suggests planning for a photoshoot to gain aspirational imagery – an expense that is worth the return on investment. Dress your venue to the best of its ability, to make people fall in love with it. Kelly does not recommend using models and instead suggests showcasing the wedding team at work, to show the attention to detail that they have.

In her last piece of advice, Kelly tells listeners to create a luxury package. Often wedding venues create low-cost value packages, but you should stand out from the crowd. Create a higher-priced wedding option, for couples that crave the full VIP experience on their special day.

Kelly Mortimer is the creator of the Easy to Buy Method, The Next Level, The Wedding Sales Success programme and more. Kelly has worked on events for HRH the Queen, celebrities and has worked all over the world from Asia to the Caribbean and Europe. Kelly spent 10 years in destination weddings, followed by an incredible career in the luxury market in London which included Mandarin Oriental and Claridge’s. Before starting her own company, Kelly was Group Wedding Sales Director for 45 UK hotels. Today her clients include household brands such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton.

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