S1 E2 – Harness the Power of Tribal Marketing for Your Hotel (Feat. Simon Kershaw, Bike & Boot) - Punch Creative
March 16, 2022

S1 E2 – Harness the Power of Tribal Marketing for Your Hotel (Feat. Simon Kershaw, Bike & Boot)

S1 E2 - Harness the Power of Tribal Marketing for Your Hotel (Feat. Simon Kershaw, Bike & Boot)

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Would you be brave enough to market your hotel differently? Brand and Development Director at Bike & Boot Inns, Simon Kershaw, shares how you can take the power of tribal marketing into your hands. Simon is responsible for the growth of Bike & Boot Inns through site acquisition and development, together with the preservation of the brand itself.

Identifying your audience is just the beginning of this hotel marketing strategy. We’re revealing how tribal marketing can work successfully for your brand, and deliver real results.

On the Pack a Punch Podcast we always ensure we supply our listeners with actionable guidance and takeaways. In this episode, Simon gives his expert advice on why you should implement tribal marketing into your hotel’s strategy.

Show Notes

Simon Kershaw, Executive Director of Bike & Boot Inns features in our latest podcast. 

Tribal marketing is about segmenting your audience based on interests and behaviours, rather than broad demographics. It’s about crafting a product and content to appeal directly to your target audience, gaining loyalty and sales. Using your own marketing channels can build a sense of community and a tribe. In return, you reap the rewards of customer advocacy.

Simon suggests that you must know who your customers are and talk to them directly in a language that they understand. He believes you shouldn’t be afraid to alienate other audiences, as they would never be your ideal audience.

Simon Kershaw is the Brand and Development Director at Bike & Boot Inns. He has a variety of experience in the hospitality industry, previously the Chairman of Helmsley Hospitality and White Label Management.  Simon was instrumental in the opening of Bike & Boot Scarborough in July 2020, a 65-bedroom debut for the brand. Following the hotel’s success, he looks forward to expanding across the UK. 

Join Simon, our Head of Content Emma and our Commercial Director Louise at the Hotel Marketing Conference on the 28th of April. We’ll be leading a seminar on tribal marketing and alienation strategy!

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