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February 8, 2022

S1 E1 – Maximise Your Hotel Marketing Budget

S1 E1 - How to Maximise Your Hotel's Marketing Budget (Feat. Louise Wright)

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Are you really making the most of your marketing budget? Agency owner and hospitality industry expert Louise Wright, reveals the secret to making your hotel marketing budget go further. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Louise has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

As well as a financial investment, hotel marketing also requires an investment of time and energy. In this episode, we’re sharing our top tips to maximise your money, your time and your energy to smash your marketing objectives. 

On the Pack a Punch Podcast we want to ensure we give our listeners actionable advice that they can use to supercharge their marketing efforts straight away. In this episode, Louise shares 3 easy ways to maximise your budget so that you can get started today.

Show Notes

In this podcast, we’re joined by Punch Creative’s Commercial Director, Louise Wright. She shares three main points of call to maximise your hotel’s marketing budget, including building a tribe, encouraging user-generated content and finding value-aligned partnerships.

Louise’s first piece of advice is to build your tribe. Tribal marketing is where you segment your audience based on behaviours and interests, rather than demographics, then connect with them and build loyalty. This is all about building rapport with an engaged community you know would like your offering, and alienating those that wouldn’t.

Louise also recommends a strategy surrounding user-generated content. This is where customers become brand advocates, sharing images and videos on their social media channels. This is completely free and gives an authentic message that other users want to hear.

Finally, Louise discusses finding value-aligned partnerships. By joining forces with up to three brands, you can amplify the reach of your content and align your marketing efforts. Both sides must have a common interest in the achievements of the partnership, as well as be open and willing to share an audience.

Louise Wright has worked her way through the ranks of just about every available sales and marketing role in the hospitality industry. Beginning in corporate telesales, she rose to become Director of Sales and Marketing for national hotel groups, managing the strategies for over 20 hotels.

The Pack a Punch Podcast is brought to you by Punch Creative, a full-service marketing agency in Leeds. Since 2007 we’ve been establishing brands, filling hotel rooms and making headlines for the hospitality industry. Get in touch today to give your brand some love.

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