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September 3, 2018

Our Leeds Digital Agency’s Top Tips To Twitter Marketing

Twitter is no longer the simple microblogging platform it used to be. Over the years, the social channel has grown in popularity and become a vital marketing tool for businesses looking to promote their products and services. Our digital agency in Leeds has come up with some top tips to help you harness the power of Twitter and deliver results.


Optimise your profile

In order for people to interact with you on social media, they need to be able to find you. When it comes to findability on Twitter the key lies in simplicity, a clear username, profile picture and description will enable other users to discover your profile easily. Make use of keywords and hashtags within your bio to increase visibility and widen reach.

Peak hour posting

There will be certain hours or days when users are more active on Twitter, these are known as ‘peak hours’. As peak times are dependant on specific audiences, there is no one size fits all, the best way to find out what’s successful for your business is to publish content at different times and review how it performs. Over time you’ll be able to gauge what hours and days work and schedule content to fit with this, in turn gaining more impressions and engagement.

Visual content is golden

An image speaks a thousand words. Twitter users love engaging with visual content and recent research has found that tweets with images receive 89% more likes (Buffer). Images and videos are a great way to get your posts noticed in a user’s newsfeed, especially if they are high-quality and relevant.


In simple terms, a hashtag is a way to categorise a message, it helps users who are interested in a topic to discover relevant content. Hashtags are extremely popular on Twitter and can be used to give tweets greater visibility to particular audiences. You should take time to discover relevant and trending hashtags and use them within tweets. However, don’t overuse as them as too many hashtags can look spammy, which will ‘kill’ your tweet.