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July 6, 2018

Our Leeds Agency's Top Tips On Using Instagram to Boost Your E-Commerce

With the recent launch of Instagram’s shopping feature there has never been a better time to focus on the popular social media platform to promote your e-commerce business and achieve retail success. The new feature allows you to tag your products in the same way you’d tag a person, giving your followers the price and description of the product pictured and giving them the option to buy it or visit your website, increasing your web traffic.

Instagram is undeniably a vital marketing platform for e-commerce, with over half a billion active users it offers a huge pool of potential customers and due to its focus on the visual, is a great way to promote how great your products are. Our Leeds digital agency has come up with some top tips to help you boost your e-commerce using Instagram.

Create Instagram Ads

Promoting your brand using a paid Instagram Ad is a great way to reach a wider audience and the filters ensure your ad will appear to people whose interests match your products and brand.

Utilise Hashtags

Hashtags act as search terms to increase the visibility of your posts to people who don’t already follow you. Taking your time to research relevant and high-performing hashtags will boost your engagement and hopefully in turn your sales too. Try looking at the hashtags successful competitors are using.

Post High-Quality Photos

Instagram is all about high-quality content and creating an aesthetically pleasing profile and feed. Posting high-quality images will not only show off your products in their best light but also make your brand appear desirable and professional.

Run Contests

Competitions are a great way to engage your followers and create a fast increase in your profile’s activity and website traffic. Contests can include: a best caption competition, tagging you in images of them wearing or using your product (which will also provide you with real-life reviews and affirmations) or a ‘like and re-gram to win’ gimmick.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are new-age social media celebrities with hoards of loyal followers invested in their content. Collaborating with an influencer to promote your brand will help improve the perception of your product to their audience who usually trust their recommendations.
Are you an e-commerce business looking to kick-start your social media journey? Get in touch with our social media team at our Leeds digital agency to see how we can help you achieve success.