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April 24, 2018

Our Leeds Agency’s Top Social Media Updates

Our Digital Agency in Leeds knows that social media is an ever-evolving industry and with so many updates it can be hard to keep up! Here are some recent key updates created by some major social networks to ensure your business is kept updated. 


‘Promote’ on Pinterest

Pinterest have expanded access to their quick ‘promote’ option on their pins. The ‘promote’ pins help business to create an ad in as little as 9 seconds and until now it was only available to USA advertisers, but it is now giving access to business accounts in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK! This comes after Pinterest’s recent report that 90% of their weekly pinners use the platform to make purchasing decisions, so whilst it still trails behind the likes of Facebook and Instagram, it is still growing and a potentially valuable source of traffic for digital marketing.

Hashtags on LinkedIn

After an unsuccessful attempt a few years ago, LinkedIn has brought back their use of hashtags as a key sorting option for on-platform content. Some users will be forced to add a hashtag to their post in the future in order to better categorise their entry.

‘Unsending’ messages on Facebook

As we’ve all been aware, Facebook has been busy announcing new privacy and transparency features in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytical scandal. In perhaps further controversy, Facebook has now announced that users will soon be able to delete previously sent messages after it came to light that their executives have already been doing this. This could lead to a more transparent social network and for business to have the opportunity to censor their Facebook presence.
Every brand needs a voice to be heard, so if you’re looking for a company to help kick-start your social media journey – or maintain an already existing portfolio – then our digital agency in Leeds can help make social media a key part of your marketing strategy.