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June 8, 2020

Our Leeds Agency’s Favourite Campaigns to Come Out of Lockdown

Lockdown threw the marketing world into a frenzy. With companies across the world scrapping pre-planned marketing campaigns and developing new ones at lightning speed to adjust to ‘ the new normal’.


Our Leeds agency is no different and we won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. Like most, we had a mad rush re-aligning client’s plans and continue to be reactive as and when things change with the pandemic.


In this blog, we wanted to explore some of the very best campaigns (in our opinion) to come out of lockdown. These companies responded excellently to the current situation, with heart-warming, humorous and informative campaigns. 


Malteasers: Isolation Life


Reinforcing the ‘Stay Home’ message and telling relatable lockdown tales, Malteasers has launched its ‘Isolation Life’ campaign. The ads, which are shot over group video calls, feature daily struggles of self-isolation from funny baking fails to hiding under the stairs to escape parenting duties. Our Leeds marketing agency loves this authentic and raw approach!



Innocent Smoothies: Useless things to do from your sofa


Innocent are the kings of boredom-busting content. From brain teasers to their banana phone, they’ve certainly kept us entertained whilst at home. What on earth is a banana phone? Check out their Instagram – it will explain it better than we ever could! 


The smoothie giant recently launched a social competition to encourage people to do some good and win some goodies by sending a video of them doing something useless from their sofa. For each one sent in they also donated £1 to Age UK up to £10,000.


Getty Museum: Recreations at Home


Getty Museum has launched a social campaign which encourages people to recreate famous works of art from household objects. And as you can imagine, this has resulted in some hilarious user-generated content, including a cat recreating the infamous ‘girl with the pearl earring’ painting. Clever, creative and funny, this campaign really does tick all the boxes. 



Skyn: Stay and f*** at home


Ok, so this one’s a little bit cheeky so brace yourself. Playing on the ‘stay at home’ message, Skyn condoms started the hashtag ‘Stay and f*** at home’ across their social media platforms. With lots of cheeky puns and play on words, but don’t worry we won’t embarrass you – take a peek at their Instagram! The brand wants to encourage people to “make the best of the situation” and “turn restrictive measures into something that brings us together.”


Yorkshire Tea: Zoom backgrounds


If you haven’t heard of Zoom, first of all, where have you been? And secondly, how have you been functioning in lockdown? The group video conferencing app has seen a HUGE increase in downloads since lockdown began with people using it for work meetings, virtual catch-ups and quizzes. 


Yorkshire Tea has honed in on this with the creation of its own Zoom backgrounds, free to download on social media. Just goes to show, you don’t need a big marketing budget to create campaigns that pack a punch! 



If you’re looking to realign your marketing plans or prepare for a bounce-back after lockdown ends, please get in touch with our Leeds agency, and let’s have a virtual cuppa and catch up! Call us on 0113 255 7285 or drop us an email at [email protected].