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February 6, 2018

Our Digital Agency in Leed's 5 Tips for Mobile UX Design 2018

2017 was a landmark year for mobile web – our Digital Agency’s web team couldn’t believe it when mobile devices finally overtook that of desktop browsing! Web Designers will be more focused than ever on the user experience for a mobile-inclined audience, and a big part of any customer journey is… design!


So, with that in mind, this week we’ve asked our web guys this important question:


How do you build a creative, engaging, and informative website for an increasingly savvy mobile-based audience that will stand out from the rest?


Here’s what they had to say: –


Less is more

Remember that a mobile site doesn’t have to be an exact copy of its desktop counterpart. While desktop computers offer a larger space to incorporate a variety of backgrounds, fonts, graphics and text, this can turn into a headache when viewed on a smaller screen. Tone down certain elements of your web page – while keeping the basic content and key messages – to ensure a smooth mobile viewing experience.

Keep it consistent

When following the above, remember to maintain your brand consistency across all pages of your mobile site. Brand consistency isn’t just about getting (and keeping) your name out there – it’s about helping consumers to get to know your brand on a personal level, gradually building up a relationship that they will trust.

Purpose-led design

Think like your users. Why are they visiting your website on a mobile device? What product, service or information are they likely to be looking for? Use this way of thinking to adopt a purpose-led approach to your web design, by making the end goal of your consumers easy to find and access on your mobile platform.

Easy to use on the go

Whether it’s on the daily commute or during a lunch break, mobile browsers are often active during short periods of time when ‘on the go’. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to make your mobile user experience as easy as possible within the different environments they are likely to be in. For example, make text easily readable, navigation menu easily clickable, and don’t go too overboard on data-heavy content across your whole site.

Don’t hide your content

While it may be tempting to adopt a range of interactive elements to your web design, try not to let it hinder the accessibility of your content. Slider controls, for example, have divided designers on their use in mobile web design. While they can be utilised to quickly show multiple options on a page in an engaging way, they can also distract users, be incompatible with certain mobile devices, and be missed entirely by users who opt to scroll past them completely.
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