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September 13, 2011

New brand, new website… new ideas!

Blogging won’t be news to most of you, but it is new to Punch.
We knew what it was of course, but as a small (but growing) creative agency we are probably the last ones to crack on and start blogging.
There has been good reason for that, and now we are at a stage where we feel we can justifiably poke our toes in the water and have a go ourselves.
Finding something to talk about, or having the time to do it may be an issue in the future, but for this first blog we have a new brand, website and growing creative team to celebrate.
Punch is nearly 5 years old, 4 and a half in fact. But in that time we have grown to the stage where our portfolio has examples of work in most industry sectors and some pretty big international clients.
That is not the main thing to look for in an agency of course, but many people will, so the big ones get the most room on our website (that seems to be a general rule of thumb for websites in fact).
In fact I would say the main things to look for are as follows;
• Creativity
• Competency
• Congeniality*
• Cost Structure
• Copyright
*probably not the best word but I wanted them all to begin with c.
We have grown our team to 5 now, all with a history of working together who offer something different to the overall team. We can now offer a full range of creative services – both print and online. If we don’t offer it in house the chances are we can introduce you to someone who can, or manage that process for you.
Punch are also print specialists, managing some of the most high quality, colour critical work you will ever see. We don’t have print presses in the studio, we source and manage the process for you – if you need us to.
In short we are great.
So call us…
Well, that’s easy enough to say, so we tried to construct our site to show a balance of work, personality and client testimonials to say the same thing – it just reads better when we are not writing it about ourselves !
(the image is a celebratory cake that Julie made to mark our 1000’th job recently…she designs better than she bakes!)