My design is better than your design… - Punch Creative
September 16, 2011

My design is better than your design…

How do you pick a favourite colour?
Once you have, how do you know that you have made the right choice?
Many people seem to pick a design agency pretty much like this, they look at an agency portfolio and if they like what they see that agency gets a call – whether it is in Leeds, Manchester or London.
Punch Creative are a design agency in Leeds and in our crowded marketplace many other design agencies seem to promote themselves in much the same way, proclaiming their work to be the best and their designers to be the most dedicated, creative and downright zany.
Perhaps that agency has won awards, voted for by other people who are in a position to judge design work in some way.
But surely design is a bit too personal for that sort of thing? Surely it’s at least as personal as you are, or at least as individual as your organisation is…
Picking a design agency is best done based on personality, communication and understanding.
Most agencies (worth their salt) can basically design you whatever you like, let’s be honest, design software is so good these days it basically does the job for you.
But it’s what happens behind the flashy graphics that matter and what they go on to produce for you that matters even more.
Can you pick up the phone to your design agency, speak to someone you know to discuss an idea?
Then do you simply get your idea back in visual form – pretty much as you described, or do you get a development of your initial idea that has grown into something more refined, with bells and whistles stuck on it for good measure?
A good design agency works in partnership with you and makes time to communicate with you properly. We can produce a nice looking piece of design work for you now, without ever meeting you.
But if we get to know you and communicate with you effectively, we can produce an effective piece of design that will bridge the gap between you and your target audience.
Communication is the key to good design, and the relationships we develop are the most important part of this process.