Meet Zoe, our new placement student! - Punch Creative
June 17, 2020

Meet Zoe, our new placement student!

Here at Punch, lockdown has made us realise more than ever that communication is key. That’s why we decided to have a nice (socially distanced) chat with our new placement, Zoe! Read on to see how our convo went…


What attracted you to Punch? 

First, the website – WOW. The portfolio and services pages are quite something. It really resonated with me how the agency takes on board and listens to the clients’ needs and wishes, and then creates innovative solutions. I am super passionate about keeping my creative side intact and utilised, and I knew working with Punch would embrace it and help it to thrive rather than dull it down! Shine bright like a diamond and all that.

Name your favourite campaign from the last 12 months.

It has to be Just Eat’s recent campaign with Snoop-Dogg. Well, I choked on my kebab when I saw it for the first time. It has that shock factor as you don’t expect a big rapper like that to be on a takeaway advert, let alone perform a rap music video for it. The lyric, “chicken wings to the crib I’m sitting in” – I feel that.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

Last year I made myself temporarily deaf, twice. Do not shove earbuds in your ears. EVER. Trust me. People will laugh at you when you spill the details, especially the second time, so it’s easier to just pretend you can hear. The key is to keep loud music lingering around you constantly, like flies on honey.

What do you think the future of marketing looks like?

Marketing is going to turn increasingly digital. It’s crazy how far the Internet has come in the past ten years, so business reliance on it is only going to grow! Some of the most successful marketing campaigns are those that are current and cultured. Staying ahead of the game is the future!

Favourite biscuit to have with a brew?

The classic chocolate digestive, of course. It must be dunked until it is on the verge of collapsing into a mushy mess. Incredible.