Meet Matt, our new Web Developer! - Punch Creative
March 18, 2019

Meet Matt, our new Web Developer!

This week we welcomed a new addition to our Leeds digital agency, who’s joined our web team. Read on to learn more about Matt!


What are you most looking forward to about your new role?


 So much! It will be great to work on a variety of different clients, and within my first week I’ve really got stuck in to it all! But, I have to say the thing I’m most looking forward to is the fame and glory of a Web Developer and their fast-paced lifestyle.


 Something most people don’t know about you…


I’m secretly an undercover boss trying to understand my employees and their work conditions. Am I joking, or am I not?! Who knows, you’ll have to ask the same question again in a few months time. Or maybe you will have figured it out for yourself by then…


Name your favourite campaign from the past 12 months…


There have been lots of great campaigns over the last 12 months, but the one that sticks out in my mind is the most recent Gillette campaign. It made a good example of the Lad Lad’s culture that causes grown up men to become disillusioned on how they have to be. It was controversial but I liked it!


How do you think marketing will change in the future?


 I think the future of marketing will sway from left to right in the coming years, we’re currently at a point where PC culture is falling into the classification of over-censorship, so I think we will see a huge rise in comedy and more hard-hitting adverts to balance everything out again.


Favourite biscuit to have with a brew…


I’m not really much of a hot drink lover, *queue Game of Throne’s shame scene* but biscuit-wise, I’d say McVities Banoffee Caramel…if I could marry a pack I would.


Welcome to the team, Matt!