Meet Emma, our PR & Marketing Manager! - Punch Creative
March 6, 2020

Meet Emma, our PR & Marketing Manager!

In another ‘getting to know’ blog, we take you behind the studio doors and introduce you to the talented Punch Bunch. This time, say hello to PR and Marketing Manager, Emma at our Digital Leeds Agency. Want to know her favourite thing about Punch? Or fave biccie to have with a brew? Read her Q & A…


What do you like most about working at Punch?

So many things! The variety of clients we work with means that no two days are the same. One day I could be writing social media strategy for a car leasing company and the next I’m brainstorming and conceptualising PR campaigns for a national seafood brand. I am encouraged to think big and present bold ideas to help clients tell their brand story and achieve their objectives. But most of all I love working with the Punch Bunch even if their music choices are sometimes questionable (Sophie I’m looking at you 😂). There is never a dull moment in the office!

Something most people don’t know about you…

I have climbed Mount Kilimajaro! Most people don’t believe it because I’m not a particularly active person… However, it is one of my proudest achievements!

Name your favourite campaign from the past 12 months…

My favourite campaign of 2019 is Tentree’s World’s Most Sustainable Post – Earth Week campaign. The Canadian clothing brand generated over 15 million likes on a single Instagram post. They promised to plant one tree for every ten likes on the post. Using influencer and press contacts the team at Tentree smashed their target of 5 million likes and broke all kinds of records! Tentree archived all their previous Instagram posts to draw attention to the sustainable post. Just goes to show being bold and unconventional pays off! I love the simple call to action on this campaign and it demonstrates that people care about brands who care about important issues.

How do you think marketing will change in the future?

Audiences are savvy and can smell a sales pitch a mile away and this scepticism will only continue to grow. Brands who stand for something and use their platform for good can count on customer loyalty whilst those who inauthentically use important issues to further their bottom line will be left behind. Here at Punch, we help brands tell their authentic stories and connect them with like-minded audiences.

Favourite biscuit to have with a brew…

A dark chocolate digestive! Although, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any biscuits, to be honest.