Meet Andy, our Graphic Designer! - Punch Creative
May 24, 2019

Meet Andy, our Graphic Designer!

Meet Andy! One of the Graphic Designers that works here at Punch. We caught up with him to learn more about why he loves working here (who doesn’t) and lots more, such as his favourite biccie to have with a brew…


What’s your favourite thing about working at Punch?

I definitely believe that people make a company what it is. At Punch, there is such a great mix of personalities, and everyone bounces off each other so well. As you can imagine, business night outs are a laugh!
I also love the building, we’re based in a converted Grade II listed chapel, which means the office is full of character – we even have stained glass windows!!

Name your favourite campaign from the past 12 months…

Aside from being a magical time of year, Christmas is a HUGE commercial holiday, and every year we see many brands battle for the top spot as number one festive ad campaign – with John Lewis usually taking home the crown. In 2018, my favourite was Google’s ‘Make Google Do It’ campaign, which saw Macaulay Culkin reprise this role as Kevin McCallister, 28 years on.
The campaign truly brings Home Alone back to life, paying homage to many of the movie’s iconic scenes, as well as lines such as “Keep the change, you filthy animal”. Hats off to them for persuading Macaulay Culkin to play Kevin one last time!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you…

I went to school with three Olympians, 2 of which were in the Winter Olympics!!

What do you think the future of creative design looks like?

Sustainability is a big deal at the moment, with a movement towards more eco-friendly materials – just take a look at the UK plastic straw ban! I think we will see this affecting the creative design landscape much more in the next coming years, with brands and designers alike looking for different methods and materials that reduce the environmental impact.
As digital technology continues to evolve, so does creative design. No-one really knows what the next big trend will be when it comes to tech, so anything’s possible – who knows, maybe we’ll be designing an ad for a VR headset next…

Favourite biscuit to have with a brew…

No question about, it has to be the Chocolate Hobnob.