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September 22, 2017

Important Instagram Features Every Brand Should Know About

With over half a billion users, it’s fair to say that Instagram is a powerful tool if used correctly; it has the potential to catapult your brand into the spotlight. However, with the constant updates and changes being made to the platform, it can be hard to keep up with what Instagram features you should really be taking advantage of.
Here are a few Instagram features that any brand or business should know about…


Instagram Stories

One of the biggest updates Instagram has introduced recently is Instagram Stories. It’s a feature that allows users to add photos or videos to their profile that can be viewed for only 24-hours before vanishing. It’s feature that is similar to Snapchat, however, it has the potential to reach a wider audience and gain more exposure, as your stories can be viewed by anyone who stumbles upon your profile.
Instagram Stories as a whole allows brands to create unique content on a different avenue. Instagram stories are meant to be raw with a not a huge amount of production value. Although the content may not be as shiny and airbrushed, it is a lot more personal and relatable. Whether it be posting about special promotions available, behind the scenes or just general day-to-day footage, it adds another element to your brand and another opportunity to boost your brand’s presence in a unique way.

Managing several accounts

Although this feature might not improve your brand awareness, it will most definitely save you time! If you manage a few Instagram accounts for your company or brand, then this feature will feel like a lifesaver. Gone are the days where you have to input an email and password every time you want to upload on different accounts, this feature saves emails and passwords previously used, allowing you to switch accounts with a just a tap of a touchscreen.

Algorithm updates

Previously, when scrolling through Instagram feeds, posts showed up in chronological order. However, with the Instagram Algorithm updates, they way in which we see content has changed.  The algorithm now prioritises the content from users that you frequently engage with, putting their latest content at the top of your feed.
That also means you need your followers to be liking and commenting on your photos for them to see your content regularly. Therefore, to create brand awareness and to fully take advantage of this feature, you need to become a more active user and step up your brand’s content to encourage engagement.

Managing filters

Again, Instagram has added a feature that saves its users time.  With around 40 Instagram filters to choose from, scrolling them through them all to find the one you want can take time, especially when you want all your content to have the same theme and style. With this feature, you’re able to manage your filters, putting your favourites and most used at the front of the list and making it easier and quicker to edit your photos.

Business profile

Before the introduction of the business account, the way in which users could contact a business through Instagram was by clicking on their website in their bio. However, the benefit of switching your account to a business account is that a contact button will appear on your page. Pressing the contact button will bring up your business’ email, phone number and even your location on a map. Making it easier for business’ to contact you.  With this feature, you can also look at the analytics e.g. how your page and certain posts are performing. It also allows you to promote certain posts to get them more exposure and reach a wider audience.
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