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October 8, 2013

Graphic design adventures part 2: Website Design


Hello! Since my last blog entry I have been involved in a wide variety of website and creative design briefs.

To be able to say everything I have been involved in these past couple of weeks would be a huge task, so I have narrowed it down to my web projects!
Something which I wanted to be involved in during my time at Punch was website design, and this month I have done just that. I have been a part of creating then developing websites for 2 clients – a church and local charity based in Leeds.
This involved me getting a first taste of using WordPress. This is a great platform to develop a website on because it works perfectly with Google, allows you total creative freedom and creates a really user friendly website for clients.
After an initial introduction to the site and an overview of how everything works, I was handed the job of creating pages for the websites, as well as inserting text and images.
[blockquote] I have really enjoyed seeing the websites move from design concepts to basic structures then fully developed sites – and the processes involved in getting them to that point. It was great to be involved in the ideas process too – the bit where the actual design is refined and developed with the client before moving onto the technical build stage.
[/blockquote] I’ve had the opportunity to look behind the websites at their content management systems and learn how they work. Also I have been taught how to develop a website with an easy to use CMS (back end) so Punch clients can access their own websites and add content themselves.
Having some experience in website design helped me to understand WordPress and I can’t wait to experiment with it further to see what else can be achieved. Punch have a number of big website projects in the pipeline that I am excited to get involved with!
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