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November 7, 2011

Google update to affect 35% of web searches.

Those swines at Google have been at it again.

It appears their devious spiders have been rewired to focus on freshness to bring you up to date search data when sneaking around inside our websites.
In short, fresh cookies smell best to them.
Or, they do most of the time…it is more in depth than that of course, from the nature of your search Google can determine how fresh you probably want your data to be.
So, to use the example of their own blog, if you search ‘Olympics’ you will automatically get results on 2012 first.
This is thought to affect 35% of web searches and would appear to be relevant to topics such as:

  • Recent events – such as the news
  • Recurring events – such as the Olympics
  • Frequent updates – such as retail products

On the whole this would seem to be a compelling argument to keep the data on your website nice and fresh.
It goes without saying that this is the case for news and retail websites, but the google definition also seems to suggest that any service based business would fall under the same criteria.
It is all a bit 1984 for us at Punch, but just to be on the safe side we thought it best to update our site with this blog on hearing the news…which brings me round to my main point:
If google like fresh cookies it is best to keep your cookies fresh.
To do that it’s best to have a website that allows you to update your information as and when you need to..and to do that speak to us, we have a number of solutions to make this really, really easy.
Do it right now, this minute, while my information is still relevant!

The Google team, earlier today.